Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer and the Universe

It’s hot as balls here in Seattle. It was 95 degrees today, it was 95 degrees yesterday, and guess what? It’s going to be 95 degrees tomorrow. I suppose I’m pretty strange in that I suffer from seasonal depression in summer rather than fall or winter, but I would imagine that weather like this is too hot for most of you out there as well. The only good part about a hot day is the night that follows. Summer nights seem to be filled with subdued energy, where people are out and active, but are outside to relax and escape the heat that is trapped indoors.

It’s nights like these where I find myself studying the clear sky and thinking (because it’s still too hot to do much of anything else). Thinking not about the mundane, persistent topics that normally roll around in my mind, but about the universe and our place in it. Every time I’m blown away just by considering how distant other celestial objects are, the potential for life to exist on other planets, or just how small and isolated our home planet seems to be.

Though such thoughts are filled with wonder and awe, they are also seasoned with melancholy. I look forward to mankind’s development of technology that will allow us to travel the galaxy, discover planets capable of sustaining life, and even make contact with other intelligent beings, but I can be almost certain that I will not live to see any of these dreams come to fruition. I suppose I should consider myself lucky to live in a time where men have landed on the moon, probes have explored and given us amazing data about the planets of our solar system, and where we are only a stone’s throw away from sending manned missions to Mars, but I still wish I could stick around to see more of the future.

What about those of you reading this right now? Does anyone else ever consider our place in the universe? Does anyone else feel bad that they will miss some of the greatest advancements in human history, or am I just a gigantic nerd? (Don’t answer that last part.)


Sandman Moon said...

I think about this stuff ALL the time! (I almost majored in astrophysics because I love this stuff so much, in fact.) I think about it in so many ways, too. Sometimes, it all fascinates me, and I feel like a toddler discovering ant hills for the first time. Other times it overwhelms me because I feel so small, fleeting, and easily snuffed out. Still other times, I am filled with awe for the beauty and unlimited possibility of it all. Like you, I wish SO bad that I could see it all unfold in my lifetime!

RenderMeMama said...

Oy, its been over 100 here for over a month now and I am DONE with the heat! I have always been a big believer that the planets alignments have a pretty powerful effect on us. On our moods and lives. The effects are most noticeable in kids to me. Great post!

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Minima Sapala said...

I agree with RenderMeMama, this IS a beautiful post.

I've always thought about this sort of stuff too, sometimes I get sad about not being able to have seen certain things in the past, and sometimes that yearning is directed toward the future. But then I think, hey what if reincarnation is real? What if I HAVE seen many different changes throughout history and I just don't remember them now? What if I'm slated to see many more changes in the future but again, it's just that the knowledge isn't available to me in this lifetime?

I honestly have no idea if the option of living out many different lives is a reality in any way, shape or form. But it gives me a bit of comfort when I try to fathom the universe, and get those resulting feelings of unrest, sorrow, and hopeless/hopeful longing.

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Heather said...

Hot as balls is right. Although it is going to steadily get cooler starting tomorrow, thank the Gods. I always pray for rain during these over heated Washington days! I worry about my hair yes but if I'm still sopping wet from my own sweat the lack of rain isn't exactly helping is it.

Big Mama said...

Oh 95 would be such nice weather! Its been 110 here. Not that I am complaining (okay maybe a little) totally ready for fall weather!
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AngelEden said...

What a lovely post.

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Julie said...

Since I live in Phoenix it's still too hot to hang outside at night. But yes, I do think about where my grand kids are going to be able to go that we would never have thought possible.

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Buffi Neal said...

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It's hot here too, but cools off at night. Your writing is engaging and makes me think. I'm breakin' out the telescope for the kids tonight and see what insight they give me on the universe.
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Keli said...

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I know what you mean with the weather, it's been at least 90 every day this week excpet today when it's 70!! And raining. It feels soooo good, the boys just came inside from playing in the rain. :)

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Jazz Stanton said...

I'm sorry you don't like hot weather. I am utterly and truly depressed in the winter time. I need one of those UV lights for it!

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andi said...

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The Moxie Bee said...

Hey there from a Former Seattleite now in VA by way of NY.

I like your writing--engaging & thought-provoking indeed.

Forgive me, if I'm reading a lil between the lines, but you seem to perhaps, dare I say, a bit depressed. Take good care of yourself & stay cool. Summer is an excuse to eat ice cream, dip into any available body of water, and go to air-conditioned movie theaters.

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