Friday, July 30, 2010

Information Exclamation Observation

The Internet is a strange place (as if we needed any reminders). Not because of the fact that anonymity combined with an audience turns people into hateful twits, or the eerie speed and ease with which you can find pretty much any variety of pornography, but run-of-the-mill social networking. It strikes me as strange because there’s just so much you can find out about people you thought you knew well.

What I find of particular interest is information about my friends’ religious orientation. I’ll get back in touch with someone I knew in high school and often find that their profile page is so Jesus-laden that I’m surprised that he/she hasn’t already killed him/herself in an attempt to get closer to their lord. Then I start to wonder if these friends of mine were very religious when I met them, and if so, how could I have missed it? I know people who will shove their religion down your throat any opportunity, and I also know people who are kind enough to keep it to themselves, so they could very well have been part of the latter group. Has anyone else experienced this sort of surprising discovery about the nature of their friends in their adventures through social networking?


Sandman Moon said...

Actually, I have had this experience, but in my case, it has been the opposite of yours. People that used to be really religious now have set their facebook profiles to "atheist" or "agnostic" or "flying spaghetti monster".

By the way, I am sitting here reading this at a frozen yogurt shop, and I just snorted yogurt out laughing when I read the part about you being surprised certain Christians hadn't killed themselves to get closer to their lord. That is fucking HILARIOUS!

Minima Sapala said...

I found that all through my 20's I was surprised on a regular basis at the huge changes that rocked my friends' lives. Conservative friends married tattooed truck drivers, radical friends got a job in a cubicle and started wearing a tie every's like it takes a few years out of college for people to really "set to the mold" of what they're going to turn out to be.