Friday, July 2, 2010


I was talking to a friend today about plans we have for the near future. When we worked our way back from the next couple years and the next few months to just the upcoming days, and started talking about plans with friends, there was an abrupt change in her tone. She was talking about one of her friends who always flakes out on even the least involved events, and she asked me, “Why can’t someday be now?” Someday. It’s so damned easy to just throw it out there.

“When are we going to go to Europe?”
“When are you going to take that Kung Fu class?”
“When are we going to try that Indian restaurant on the corner?”

We often convince ourselves that the odds in many situations are insurmountable, so we think that our time is better spent sitting at home having never even attempted to break down barriers that, for all we know, could be made of tissue paper. If you give it a shot, you have at least a small chance of succeeding. If you sit on your ass, your chance of success is nil.

We put things off until "someday" because putting a concrete date on something can be scary. It’s also often the only way to motivate yourself to do anything. You’ll always be able to make excuses for why something can’t happen now, so make excuses for why it needs to happen. Make someday now.


Minima Sapala said...

Sometimes the most positive thing you can do is concentrate on death. If you think about it, you pass the date you're going to die on every year without even knowing it. Once you get past the creepiness of that fact, you realize that no one lives forever and the time to follow your dreams is NOW. This post was just the kick I needed to get me going. I started a novel I've been thinking about writing for years today!

loretta said...

I SO agree with Minima! (And by the way, I needed to read this post, too, for two reasons. One, so that I will stop saying someday. Two, because I've been dealing with one of those flaky friends who always says "someday", and it's good to know I'm not the only one!) I love the tone you're setting in this blog. You are telling us that if we really want something, then, by God, we'd better just grab it by the balls and take it!