Friday, June 25, 2010

Today was a lazy day. A very lazy day. The kind where undies make the fashion statement no one wants to hear, and where the available time to make a five-course meal meets the ambition to make a peanut butter sandwich. The only event of note to happen today was that I received an e-mail from the assistant manager at my new job that I needed to schedule a time for orientation on Tuesday. Orientation. For a company I worked for just a year and a half ago. Doing essentially the same job. I apparently need to be reoriented. Yes, I probably should have my head put on a bit tighter and be reoriented that way, but spending a couple hours going over company policies I don’t care about, meeting people with whom I’ve already been acquainted, and going over benefits I won’t be getting? Now that sounds necessary.

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loretta said...

Ha ha! I love the line about undies!